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Horizon has brought together state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enabling the use of advanced material systems to increase densities and achieve the highest mechanical properties available in PM. We can produce parts requiring up to 550 tons compaction capacity. All molding presses are equipped with state-of-the-art controls providing continuous process monitoring.


Our conventional and high-temperature sintering furnaces are uniquely designed to maintain low oxygen levels to take advantage of chrome alloy systems verses using costly molybdenum and nickel materials. These furnaces are configured to process materials aimed at eliminating post-sinter heat-treating.

We have optimized the manufacturing process to:


  • Maximize product flow and inventory turns to over 4 times industry average
  • Improve sales per employee to over 3 times the industry average
  • Improve safety by preventing lost time accidents since the company’s origin in 2001
  • Provide on-time delivery to over 98%
  • Improve quality to < 30 ppm defects to our customers


A full range of metallurgical testing and analyses are used to integrate the latest developments in materials, equipment and processing methods to capture the best solutions for our customers.




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